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Most of the marriages I have seen in churches, shouldn’t have
been done in churches, they should have been done in the
registry office. Why? Because when they join you together,
then be ready, they can put asunder.
You come before God, you say “to get married” and you go
before the lawyer to get divorce….. That’s confusing to me!
If you come before God to be put together, then when you
ready to be put apart,
Invite everybody back
Get the bride’s maid
Get the groom’s man
Get on the music
Get the flowers and make sure God is present and say “now
we want to be put asunder”…… I dare you!
How dare you go before God to be married(I do) and go before
the judge to be divorce(I don’t) …. Hypocrite!
Mathew 19:9, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife,
except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman
commits adultery.”
He said, I didn’t create divorce, I don’t agree with it but
atleast, I will give you a standard. The standard is, you
shouldn’t even think about divorce unless the other party has
violated the marriage bed. Why does He use the word
“adultery” ?
According to Jesus, there is no other ground for divorce(you
can’t say “you don’t love him/her anymore” or we outgrew
each other or I got saved does not qualify you for divorce).
The only way out is ADULTERY. That means in heaven, God
have a lot of people still married who is divorced on earth.
That’s why they keep committing adultery over and over again
with other people because as heaven is concerned, YOU ARE
If you marry a person and you decide to separate, you can not
marry anybody else no matter how long, as long as the other
person doesn’t commit adultery.
So, a lawyer and judge can not destroy a marriage in God’s
kingdom. The only one that can destroy a marriage in God’s
kingdom, is an ADULTERER.
So, if you decide you can’t live with someone anymore and not
on the ground of adultery and you leave apart, God is watching
because in heaven you are still married. When they commit
adultery and you know and you can prove it, then you are free
to marry again.
Do you know why?
Because whenever you get married and you consummate that
marriage with sex, blood is spilled. That’s why two(2) men can
not consummate a marriage. That’s why two(2) women can
not consummate a marriage. Why? Because there is no blood
covenant possible.
See, marriage is not about rings, marriage is about blood.
That’s why the Bible talk so much about the blood because the
blood is the foundation of both life and death. Life and death
is in the blood. That’s why every female comes to the earth
locked up. And the designer did a good job, and he locked her
up with a little skin called ”hymen” and that skin is filled with
blood and the doctors says the hymen is an organ and all the
organ supplies is BLOOD.
And the only way to open a female is to spill blood on yourself
and her(is a blood covenant). So, when a woman is opened by
a man for the first time, there is a covenant. That’s why sex is
only relegated to marriage because you don’t want to cut
covenant with anybody who will not be with you forever.
My wife and I caught a covenant on our wedding night, blood
on both of us. If you study the scripture carefully, you will
understand how deep these things is to God. God told Moses,
when a man got married and when they went in to the
wedding bed for the first night, the priest had to stand outside
the door waiting for the white sheet and standing next to the
priest was the whole community and their parents with stones
in their hands and if she came out and there was nothing on it,
somebody dies.
So when the blood covenant is spilled between me and my
wife on that marriage bed UNDEFILED(no problem on the bed).
Then, if I was to have sex with another woman, I cut another

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